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Nix 80%+ Toilet Paper Forever

If you want to eliminate the need for toilet paper entirely and rely solely on the selection of a toilet, you have a few options to consider:

  1. Bidet Toilets: Bidet toilets, also known as washlet toilets, are designed to provide a comprehensive cleaning experience using water. They have built-in bidet functionality, so you won’t need toilet paper. Some bidet toilets also come with drying functions to eliminate the need for paper towels or other drying methods. Consider a bidet toilet that suits your preferences for water temperature, pressure, and spray patterns.
  2. Advanced Bidet Seats: If you already have a standard toilet, you can install an advanced bidet seat or attachment. These devices retrofit onto your existing toilet and provide bidet functionality. They often include features such as adjustable water pressure, temperature control, and warm air drying. While they may not completely eliminate toilet paper use, they significantly reduce it.
  3. Non-Electric Bidet Attachments: Non-electric bidet attachments are cost-effective options that can be installed on your current toilet. They use water pressure to provide cleansing and are manually operated. While they don’t have as many features as electric bidet seats, they can help you reduce your dependence on toilet paper.
  4. Dedicated Bidet Fixture: Consider installing a separate bidet fixture next to your toilet. This can be a wall-mounted or floor-mounted bidet. It’s a more traditional approach and may require additional plumbing work, but it provides the same cleansing benefits without the need for toilet paper.
  5. Handheld Bidet Sprayer: A handheld bidet sprayer, also known as a bidet hose or shattaf, can be installed near your toilet. It’s a hose with a spray nozzle that you can use for cleansing. While it doesn’t eliminate toilet paper entirely, it significantly reduces the amount needed.
  6. Air Dryers and Towel Dispensers: Some high-end bidet toilets and bidet seats come with warm air dryers, eliminating the need for toilet paper. Additionally, you can install a towel dispenser near the toilet to dry your hands after washing.

To completely eliminate toilet paper, you’ll need to choose a solution that best fits your preferences and budget. Keep in mind that while bidets and other water-based cleaning methods are effective at cleansing, some individuals may still choose to use a small amount of toilet paper for patting dry or ensuring cleanliness. However, the reduction in toilet paper consumption can still be substantial, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.